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Monday, December 18, 2023

When Muses Misbehave Book Three

Step right up, lovers, and get ready for romance! Clio, Muse of History, is ready with her clipboard and pen and her plan is to match up three lucky couples as efficiently as possible.

Pothos, Erote of Longing, has dragged his workaholic brother, Himeros, to the quiet town of MacNally for an overdue vacation. His plan is to hit the local fishing hole, down some cold beers, and not do a lick of work. To their surprise, Clio shows up in town and starts doing their job! As the Erote of Desire, Himeros can’t resist the opportunity to win back his ex-girlfriend.

Like hell he will, not when Pothos waited decades for his chance to tell Clio how he feels. 

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Sunday, June 26, 2022



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The Muse of Music has big news to share with her sisters!

Shock to the System is a glimpse into Polyhymnia's day in the 1960's.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

When Muses Misbehave

Prequel Novella

Even the Greek Gods need time off…

Hedone, Goddess of Pleasure and daughter to Eros and Psyche, wants to give her parents the perfect dinner for their anniversary and maybe save their marriage.

But Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love wants more money, and her plan is to keep her son working, even if it means getting rid of Psyche... especially if it means getting rid of Psyche!

Hedone despises the self-absorbed Aphrodite and she refuses to let her grandmother drive a wedge between her parents.

It's Aphrodite vs. Hedone, which love goddess will win?

Take note, the entire series is intended for readers age 18+.

 The last thing Hathor wants to do is play the gracious hostess, but it’s New Year’s Eve and the dawn of a new millenia. For the sake of appearances, she’ll have to put aside her heartbreak, carry on with the celebrations, and most importantly, stay out of trouble. That is until the right muse comes along and inspires all kinds of trouble.

All Kinds of Trouble is an urban fantasy prequel in the series When Muses Misbehave.

Sisters. Inspirations. Legends.
Meet... The Muses. 

 In between juggling their own dramas and romances, the nine sisters are paid to motivate souls and reignite passions. But never before have they faced a job like this. Hedone, The Goddess of Pleasure, hires the sisters to save the marriage of her parents, Eros and Psyche. Yet one misstep on this job could provoke the wrath of Aphrodite. 
 Join the Muses as they figure out how to clean up Cupid's mess without causing one of their own! 
The first book has a cliffhanger ending. There are LGBTQ+ characters and strong language. The entire series is intended for readers age 18+.

Book Two in the series When Muses Misbehave

Rome, Italy! A gorgeous city filled with ancient wonders, timeless art, and hopeful lovers. Erato and Terpsichore have landed in the middle of Rome and they are ready to help mortals find their True Loves. Erato knows she has this job in the bag. She wants to get her money and head back to Hathor before her Cupid status is returned to Eros. But Terpsichore is new to the matchmaking game and there are forces at work who don't want those True Love matches to happen. Join Erato and Chorie as they turn The Eternal City inside out and upside down.

Making that deal with Cupid was only the beginning...

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